by Posh and Stone

At the early age of 5, I began working with my father, a contractor, building things with wood. A spark was born, or should I say a spark was ignited, as creativeness runs in my family. I started sketching furniture, then designing interiors and clothing, then finally jewelry. My early aspirations were to be a fashion designer. Along with that, interior design became a passion. I ended up later, completing an interior design course. All along my obsession with designing jewelry was a constant.

I began creating jewelry in middle school, and every time I wore a piece, my classmates wanted it, I ended up giving a lot of it away. When I was in high school, I began selling my creations to family and friends. I continued to create designs throughout college, selling them at markets.

After college, I began teaching and was known as a fashionista. I was wearing jewelry to work that I created. Teachers and parents started asking me to make jewelry for them. I decided to start a jewelry business and create a line of gemstone jewelry called Posh and Stone. Posh and Stone was born out of my love of design. Over the years, my passion for making jewelry has manifested itself into a love of semi-precious gemstones, mixing colors, themes, textures, sizes and shapes, and including other materials such as leather and metals.